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  1. Name: BCD Ventures Launch Time: Friday June 8, 10:55 AM Team Members Present: Jeremiah Cottrill, Kara Davis, Riley Broderick Play-by-Play: Full throttle off the runway and a straight flight to the ice cap. Fuel ran out quickly so a landing approximately near the UFO site was made and then Photographs: Time-of-Flight: 0y, 0d, 00:35:38 Summary: All the goal we have set out to complete were met. Opportunities / Learnings: Getting your bearings on Kerbin was key to fuel use. Strategies / Project Timeline: We will now have much more plentiful funds and resources to work with, allowing us to greatly accelerate the development of BCD Ventures's space program. Milestone Awards Presented: Picture of UFO on northern ice cap of Kerbin - $50,000 (Half) Available Funds: 140430 + Rewards (50,000) - 13,330 = 157100
  2. Name: BCD Ventures Available Funds: 140,430 Vehicle Name: Aeris 3A Vehicle Part List and Cost: We used the Aeris 3A stock airplane for this flight however, as far as we know there's no way to see what parts were used in the stock craft. There appears to be only one Mk 1Fuselages in the entire craft and the discount was calculated accordingly. Total Cost: 13,330 Funds (including fuel discount) Design Goals: Fly to the northern ice cap and snap a screenshot of the UFO landing. Launch Goal: We are hoping to achieve the milestones: Picture of UFO on northern ice cap of Kerbin - $50,000 Pilot Plan: This is a manned flight to the northern ice cap. Near surface flight and conservative fuel use will be observed during the trip.
  3. The most profound idea that can occur to any mind is that of the cyclic nature of time, fate and regeneration. Even though it is evident in scientific things like the first law of thermodynamics and the ultimate and imminent destiny of a cyclic universe, one needs only recognize that their apparent existence implies the intrinsic possibility that their existence, as it is in that instant, is able to recur again and has occurred infinitely many times before as it does in that moment. The permutations of thermodynamic microstates must eventually repeat themselves, creating identical states or systems. This recurrence and successive permutations also suggest a multiverse-like phenomenon where everything is comically “the same but different” trope to a T. It evokes that bit of wisdom, “The world is indeed comic, but the joke is on mankind” from H.P. Lovecraft, a figure of honor, which is the grand summation of fate and return. Every struggle against the human soul is doomed to repeat for all time, a conclusion so spectacular and significant that I believe it is truly capable of making men thoroughly mad. Personally, I wonder how this wisdom weighs on my humanity. My life and what is essentially myself will recur in an infinite permutation of recursive universes each of an unremitting nightmare-future. I found not many people who understand this or are ready to accept it which makes me feel dry amused at the notion I am profoundly wrong.
  4. Name: BCD Ventures Launch Time: Wednesday May 23, 10:55 AM Team Members Present: Jeremiah Cottrill, Kara Davis, Riley Broderick Play-by-Play: Ignition of seven "Thumper" boosters at T-0. Upon the exhaustion of solid fuel, the boosters were decoupled and left to fail catastrophically upon impact with Kerbin. With a "Swivel" liquid engine ignited, a maneuver was performed approximately at the current apoapsis to extend the orbit to one with a periapsis around 80 km. During the burn, the liquid fuel in that stage was depleted, as expected. The engine and fuel tank were, again, dropped back to kerbin, and the final engine was used to complete the maneuver. After this maneuver, minor adjustments were made in order to reduce the eccentricity of the orbit. The last engine was also decoupled from the satellite, though this will likely remain as "space junk" since its orbit lies completely outside the atmosphere. Photographs: Time-of-Flight: 0y, 0d, 00:05:27 Summary: All the goal we have set out to complete were met. Opportunities / Learnings: The larger fuel tanks are way more expensive, and don't offer much better distances when working with price points under 30000. Also, stages and decoupling make life way better. Strategies / Project Timeline: We will now have much more plentiful funds and resources to work with, allowing us to greatly accelerate the development of BCD Ventures's space program. Milestone Awards Presented: Launch to 10 km: 5000 (Half) Achieving stable orbit: 20000 (Half) First working satellite placed in stable orbit: 80000 Available Funds: 15430 + Rewards (105000) = 120430
  5. So with a pauper's principle of $30,000 our first mission is to launch a successful satellite. Name: BCD Ventures Available Funds: 30000 Vehicle Name: The Vision Vehicle Part List and Cost: 6 x Small Delta Wing @ 200 7 x BACC "Thumper" Solid Fuel Booster @ 850 2 x TR18-D Stack Separator @ 600 1 x TR-2C Stack Separator @ 450 2 x LV-T45 "Swivel" Engine @ 1200 2 x FL-T800 Fuel Tank @ 400 (including discount) 1 x Advanced Inline Stabilizer @ 1200 1 x Probodobodyne OKTO @ 450 4 x Z-100 Battery Pack @ 80 1 x OX-STAT-XL Photovoltaic Panel @ 600 Total Cost: 14570 Funds (including fuel discount) Design Goals: Sustained unmanned orbit above the Kerbin's atmosphere. Launch Goal: We are hoping to achieve the milestones: First working satellite placed in stable orbit, Launch to 10 km, Achieving stable orbit Pilot Plan: This is an unmanned probe. Multiple stages will be used as to increase the efficiency of the craft as a whole.
  6. Oh like chunks? I remember the days I was really into stuff like this, age kills curiosity though. Also too many blows to the head probably makes lesions on the "curiosity cortex".
  7. Already my past has come to haunt me, to see me in my sleep and become a dream.
  8. I once had confidence in my chemistry abilities but now I am only familiar with the element of sadness. After my penultimate chemistry test, I reflected on every agonizing measure I made to seat before the multiple choice booklet in a room remote from happiness which maddened me with its taciturn silence. I can look back upon the years of my boyhood, the better parts of it spent in school, and I am overwhelmed by regret, failure and portents of a miserable future. I remember the day my scholastic ardor left me, mere minutes before school ended I was taken away from class for the space of months, left to my own devices in isolation. I did not return to school the same student since, after my sentence, I held school and by extension my own education in bitter contempt. Now I am nearly eighteen and I have not a single way out nor any notable successes thus far. It seems that with no agency of my own, I was brought here by my parents, my society and by cruel fate to live by a will that I cannot call my own. However more's the pity, one's future is one's own making, I must deserve this. Now I must bid a saddening farewell to all the people I have grown up with, the people I have done wrong.
  9. Mechanical waves move through matter as a medium and as such many of the natural laws that pertain to motion and dynamics have special places in the study of mechanical waves. One type of wave is sound which most easily propagates through air however because of the laws of momentum one could expect that a mechanical wave is maintained through any matter. A solid barrier for example would be so rigid that it would absorb the impact of a wave and impede passage slightly beyond the barrier. This would produce a sound shadow where the sound loses its momentum in passage through the solid. Anyways this is the last blog post. Thanks FizziksGuy, even in the darkest of nights, you were by my side all along, my true mentor,
  10. At the time of writing the Magnetism unit has come and gone and perhaps writing this is more for show than anything. Nevertheless, I have something to prove by showing the internet that for a mediocre high school student I can be resourceful yet in paraphrasing the magnetism Wikipedia page. It is enough to know the math of something and then venture to take an exam where the capability to succeed is at your fingertips but the concept of magnetism defines the models that work, so the underlying mechanism of magnetism is a pressing issue indeed. In the ancient world, magnetism is observed in naturally occurring lodestones, magnetite and iron alloys whereupon the natural philosophers of bygone times poured over speculations and experiments formulating the modern model that our current science is based on. So what I can grasp of magnets is that electrons have a quantum angular momentum directed in a certain way. This angular momentum is intrinsic and because the Pauli exclusion principle, no two electrons with the same spin. So imagine the mass movement of an uncountable number of electrons oriented the same way there would be a larger magnetic movement throughout the material which is normally iron and thus creates ferromagnetism.
  11. @ThePeculiarParticle read this lmao. Mine would be the Jerm it would measure the amount of energy or information possible in discrete spaces.
  12. We live in an electric world and knowing a thing or two about the contraptions that sustain the way of living in this era may help a few of us reconstruct society after a devastating impact event so let us get to the point. Electric generators simply convert the force of motion into current using magnets. When the link between magnetism and electricity was discovered and became electromagnetism, generators followed soon after using electrostatics (triboelectric effect and electrostatic induction) to create charge. The homopolar generators were the first to become a reality when some guy whose last name was Faraday (we all know who it is, he needs no introduction) found that moving a magnet though of a conductive coil and vice versa generated voltage. Hmm, interesting. So long as there is some relative motion between the two, it can generate energy. Many of our dynamo-type generators operate on this principle, say if a magnet were mounted on an axle near a coil and turned by a force such as radial fins beneath a waterfall or blades of a wind-mill like structure then induction could bring the whole world electricity. I learned all of this today but think with a few years of study one could bring a centuries worth of human knowledge to the world over. Maybe that is our strength and fault as human beings, mimicry.
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