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The Bermuda Triangle



Many people know about the infamous Bermuda Triangle because of the ships, planes and people that all go missing in the triangle. The Bermuda Triangle spans from the edge of Florida to Bermuda and then down to Puerto Rico. The disappearances that come about from the triangle are unexplained and this is not something new. In 1492, Christopher Columbus made note in a journal that his compass was not pointing north but decided not to alert the already worried crew. Some evidence has proven that in the triangle, there are certain areas that a magnetic compass will point towards true north instead of magnetic north. In addition to the changing compass, the weather in The Bermuda Triangle has reportedly been another crazy factor in this equation. Because of its location, weather can dramatically change over a short period of time. These weather changes have also been known to become violent which could add to some disappearances.  

Bermuda Triangle map

There are still no actual explanation to the vanishing boats, planes and people in The Bermuda Triangle, but one thing is for sure, something fishy happens down there.

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