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Pole vaulting is a very good example of the transfer of momentum. You are transferring energy from running down the runway into bend in the pole, and then that pole rotates after you jump, making the pole push you vertically.


As a pole vaulter myself, I can say it is not all that complicated, it does not require you to be a physics student to get over the bar. However, it is super fun! It must be flying in the air and feeling the push of the pole behind you as you kick your legs up, hoping to get over that height you set for yourself. 

Common things people will say about pole vaulting:

"isn't it scary?" - It's more exhilarating than scary

"What if the pole breaks?" - All poles have weight requirements, so a pole rated 150 would only be safe for someone who weighs under 150 lbs. Also these poles are extremely elastic, being made of carbon fiber or fiber glass, and it is very rare that one would break.

"I'm afraid of heights" - It's not that high.. well that's subjective


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