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MIT Momentum Lesson



This is an online video of an MIT momentum lecture that I found, and that I found to be quite useful for what we learned in class. The lecture focuses on everything that we talked about in AP-C, but it was very interesting to hear the lesson from another professor's perspective. In this video are the definition of momentum, how it relates to force, as well as conservation of momentum and kinetic energy. One thing that I found particularly useful in the video were the derivations that the professor used, which helped me understand much better the relationships between multiple concepts such as force and momentum, force and impulse, etc. The video is almost an hour, so watching the whole thing in one sitting isn't highly recommend, but its great to skim through and revisit all the topics we covered and gain a little bit better understanding on some confusing ideas.



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Great find Alex -- these are the videos I highlighted in your independent work unit. Our version of AP-C physics is, in many ways, based on Dr. Lewin's lectures. In creating the course format, I relied heavily on his lecture series myself. Good stuff, and a highly entertaining professor. His unit on rotational kinematics and angular momentum are by far the best I've seen, so you'll see our work in class highly correlated with his videos over the next couple weeks!

By the way, for those of you with iPods and iPhones, these online lectures are available for free download to watch on your iPod through iTunes...

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Well this was the blog post that I owed you for the independent study unit from being gone. I though it was a great find, and an excellent way to learn and review even more on the topic.

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