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Regents Physics Exam Prep Resources



As we close in on the end of our year in high school physics, I thought it'd be helpful to myself (and perhaps to others) to put together a compendium of some of the best Regents/Honors Physics resources to assist students in preparing for their final exams. Without further ado, and in no particular order:

[ATTACH=CONFIG]417[/ATTACH]APlusPhysics: Dan Fullerton's (my) site to assist students and educators specifically around the NY Regents Physics curriculum, which has been expanding and generalizing to curricula outside the state as well. The Regents Physics section of the site, however, is by far the strongest and most complete. This site includes online tutorials covering the entire Regents Physics course, interactive quizzes pulling from a database of hundreds of old Regents Physics Exam questions, video tutorials of every major topic covered by the exam, and is also tied in quite closely with the Regents Physics Essentials review book. In addition, every Regents Physics questions from the past 16 exams has been pulled into worksheets by topic to allow for highly directed practice.

ScienceWithMrNoon: Brendan Noon's physics site has a wide variety of great content, including topic-based interactive quizzes and tons of great physics videos. His course calendar, as well, is loaded with tons of great resources by topic!

St. Mary's Physics: Tony Mangiacapre's site, full of great lessons and interactive simulations across the entire Regents Physics curriculum. I'm especially fond of the Photoelectric Effect simulation -- makes for a great computer-based lab activity! This site is also closely linked with Tony's 123physics.com, featuring more than 1300 Regents Physics Exam questions broken down by topic for students to practice, as well as more great videos.

RegentsPrep.org: The Oswego City School District (with Dr. Tom Altman) has pulled together a strong collection of resources broken into Explanations, Demos, Labs, and Quizzes to assist students and educators in preparing for the Regents Physics exam.

Altman Science: The charismatic Dr. Tom Altman provides real-life demonstrations and explanations of physics concepts in action as part of the High School Physics Project. Further, he's broken down a number of old Regents Exams and walked through solutions to each and every question in video format, page by page. In addition, his laser videos are "wicked cool" as well!

Past Regents Exams: The name says it all -- an amazing archive of old Regents Physics exams!

Regents Physics Essentials: I'd feel negligent if I didn't point out the Regents Physics Essentials review book I put together at student urging a few years back. *There are a number of great review books to help students get ready for the exam, but this book takes a slightly different twist by providing students a straightforward, clear explanation of the fundamental concepts and more than 500 sample questions with fully-worked out solutions directly integrated in the text.

"The best review book is the one students will actually use."

As stated by my physics teaching cohort in crime at our high school, "the best review book is the one students will actually use," and this was written to be friendly, fun, and concise. Plus, if students/teachers want extra problems without solutions given, the worksheets are available free online! You can check out the book's free preview on APlusPhysics or use Amazon's "Look Inside" feature!


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