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CYO Swag



As I perpare myself mentally, physically, and spiritually for the upcoming CYO basketball season, I can't help but think of the physics that partner with a fluid and successful basketball shot. Players that have perfected their basketball shot, like Ray Allen, have found a combination of enough leg bend, a straight-armed follow through, and an effective wrist flick. With these three key components, the ball travels with arc and backspin in a projectile motion, sailing through the hoop. The potential energy developed through the bend of the legs is stored in the leg muscles (which act much like springs), which is then transfered through the arm to the ball and converted into kinetic energy, giving the ball the energy to travel to the hoop. Basketball shots that have arc are much more effective than flat shots because the ball moves less in the horizontal plane in the time it takes the ball to travel through the hoop, so the ball has less of a chance of hitting the rim and bouncing out. Also, the backspin creates a softer bounce of the rim, giving the ball a greater chance of bouncing into the hoop off of the rim. So, through my knowledge of physics, I can focus on getting the power in my basketball shot from my legs instead of my upper body, and making sure I have an effective amount of arc and backspin.


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I concure with you davidstack. professional players make the shot in such a quick and fluid motion but it is such a complex motion that takes time to get every muscle firing at the proper moment in time. Lining the shot up and releasing it at the optimal angle of trajectory takes great concentration and physics. If this immense pressure gets you too overwhelmed, i suggest you take up floor hockey at the JCC.

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