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Hockey Checks!



As the Habs and Bruins game is getting increasingly interesting I want to do these blogs less and less to be completely honest, however we all need to make sacrifices :eagerness: So despite my promise to myself that i would refrain from doing any further blogs immediately regarding hockey, the opportunity is just too tempting. So feel free to skip by the text in this blog and just check out the insane hits that have ruined careers in the video below!!!:afro: I will not take any offense.

Checking can be defined as using physical force to either gain possession of the puck or to disrupt the opposition's play. Most players will tell you that body positioning is most important when delivering a body check. The physics topics relating to hockey hits most directly are momentum, force and velocity.

Momentum utilizes the equation p=mv. Since a player's mass is constant, players increase their momentum by increasing their speed on the ice. When a collision takes place on the ice, some or all of their momentum is transferred to the other player involved in the collision. During a hit, the principle of momentum conservation comes into play. As we all know the momentum before is equal to the momentum after, which can prove devastating to one of the players involved. :beaten: To find the final velocity in one of these vicious hits, you use the fact that the initial momentum (mass x velocity) of both players must equal the final momentum of the players (Conservation of Momentum):

(mass player 1 x velocity player 1) + (mass player 2 x velocity player 2) = combined mass x final velocity

Enjoy!! :wave)

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