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Feynman vs Lewin.



I've been having serious difficulty completing all sorts of physics problems lately, and I felt that maybe I wasn't understanding the basic principles of SHM and gravitational forces etc. So naturally I turned to good 'ol Walter. But I found that instead of listening to his lectures, I was often just waiting to watch him draw a dotted line on the blackboard. So I had to re-watch a number of lectures and I was wasting a bit of time. So I turned to the other great lecture-er who some of you may not be aware of "Richard Feynman." His lectures on our current material are a bit harder to find hosted anywhere for free, so I currently own a set of Feynman lectures on CD. Its been a tremendous help to me, and although it was a bit expensive I think everyone ought to know about Feynman.

P.S. Does anyone know how many blog-posts we should have up by this time? I know I'm behind at least one.


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Great point -- Richard Feynman did an amazing job of bringing complicated physics to the masses, and his lecture series is probably the most famous recording of an educational lecture in our history to date. Microsoft hosts 7 of the famous Feynman Lectures online at their Project Tuva site... check it out!

To provide an idea of just how amazing he truly was, check out the first statement students heard in his introductory physics course at Caltech in the early 1960s.


(PS, his lecture series was recorded and transcribed, along with pictures of his blackboard drawings, to create one of the most popular physics books of all time)

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