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  1. Pre-Launch Design Release ****NOTICE: We ditched our old goal of making an unmanned orbit because a spacestation in orbit is cooler****** Team Name: Kailzah Available Funds: 37426 Vehicle Name: October Sky II Vehicle Parts List and Cost: Aerodynamic Nose (680x1), Ox. 4 Photo P. (300x2), Probodoyne OKTO2 (230x1), adv. SAS mod. (1,100x1), RCS Thruster (450x3), RCS Fuel Tank FL-R25 (800x1), Inline Clamp O Tron (700x1), TR-18A Stack Decoupler (600x3), FL-T400 Fuel Tank (850x1), FL-T800 Fuel Tank (1,600x1), liquid fuel engine (475x1), Rockomax Adapter (50x1), Rockomax Jumbo 64 Fuel Tank (125
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  2. NO GO!!!!! Your fuel use is ridiculously high and inefficient. You will waste a ton of money on parts that will just crash back down on Kerbin because you don't have parachutes on them. And you will kill your Kerbal because there is no parachute on his cockpit. Rethink this one before launching.
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