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  1. Hey Seth, I wish you had my letter to the next years physics student.
  2. When professional tennis players serve , the ball usually goes anywhere from 120 to 163.4 MPH (fastest recorded in history) which is pretty darn fast. They try to serve the ball as close to the net as they can so their opponent has a harder time of returning it. The closer to the net makes it so the angle to the incident is greater. The bigger the angle of incident is, the closer the ball is to the ground because it is measured against a right angle with the ground. If there is a small angle of incident, that means the ball bounces more vertically and is easier for the opponent to put away and possible smash into your face which is their point. That is why tennis players try to get the ball as close to the net as they can.
  3. River Monsters is probably the best show on TV. It follows the fisherman, Jeremy Wade, and his crew on his journeys to crazy third world countries in search of River Monsters. Every second you watch the show you can find something that involves physics. The best part of the show is when he starts to reel in the fish. The fish that he catches weigh hundreds of pounds which takes a lot of force to bring in. Most likely, the fish is exerting a force in the opposite directions that Jeremy Wade is using a force. The fish is trying to swim back out to the deep water while he is trying to bring him in. Most of the time Jeremy finds a way to reel the fish in, which has taken over 2 hours in some instances, or the fish will break the line. If you want to see some of the coolest fish that he has caught, go to the link below http://www.buzzfeed.com/gavon/20-of-the-freakiest-fish-caught-on-river-monsters
  4. In skiing, to go really fast you want to have your skis waxed. This is because having your skis waxed decreases the coefficient of friction which decreases the frictional force that is working against you. The equation for frictional force is Ff=(coefficient of friction)(normal force). The coefficient of friction of waxed skis on snow is .05. This number is unitless. The normal force is your mass x gravity which my mass is about 77kg and gravity is always a constant on earth, 9.81 m/s^2. Here is how the equation looks now Ff=(.05)(77kg x 9.81m/s^2). The total frictional force comes out to be around 37.77 Newtons. This all depends on the coefficient of friction and your mass.
  5. One of my favorite units in gym is badminton. To play badminton you need some physics involved. You need to produce a lot of power to be good at the sport. Power is the rate of doing work. The equation to find power is P = work/time. Work done is force X displacement. To find the displacement you can measure how far the birdie went. To find time you can have a friend keep a stop watch and time from the moment you hit the birdie until the moment it hits the ground. That is just some of the tons of physics in badminton
  6. Today in math i was drinking some water from my watter bottle and thought how this relates to physics. This relates to physics because without gravity, the water would have no way of going down my throat. This would make it impossible to drink water therefore people couldnt live. So next time you think you dont like gravity think twice because you couldnt drink water without it. This works with all types of drinks and food. I suppose if there was no gravity you could push stuff down your throat but that would probably hurt
  7. there is physics in every sport whether you realize it or not. In basketball there is physics when you dribble the ball. You are putting X amount of force on the ball and the ball is putting that much force on the ground. The basketball has potential energy at the point when it is in my hand jus about to be bounced. When the ball if accelerating downwards due to gravity, the potential energy decreases as the kinetic energy increases. The potential energy when the ball is in my hand depends on the mass of the ball, gravity which is always a constant on earth, and the height because the equation is PE=mgh.The kinetic energy depends on the balls mass and velocity because the equation is KE=1/2mv^2.
  8. There is a ton of physics while driving a car. First of all, you can find almost anything you want to such as velocity, distance, time, acceleration, momentum, power, work etc. The thing I wanted to find out when I was driving my dads car was the momentum of the car. I was going about 8 m/s down my dads street in the summer when the asphalt was dry. I could find my momentum from the equation p=mv where m is mass and v is velocity. I estimated that the car weighed 1550 kg and I weigh 77kg so the total mass would be 1627kg. Using the equation from earlier, p=mv = (1627kg)(8m/s)=13016 kg*m/s. That is a pretty big momentum and a squirrel would have no chance against a car with a momentum of that much
  9. so today mr fullerton gave us a test that did not involve any math. it was a test that just needed some common sense so he could see where we will be as a class for the next few units and so he can see what he needs to focus on. While taking the test i needed to lift up my pencil to fill in the correct bubble. I noticed that the force of gravity was acting on the pencil but to lift up my pencil i needed to have a force in the opposite direction greater than the force of gravity. with knowing this maybe i can find a way to increase my bubbling in speed and be able to finish the test early and go to the library just like i am doing right now
  10. there is a lot of physics while mowing the lawn. I live near durand park so my back yard is a little hilly. This requires me to push the lawn mower extra hard while going up the hill. I could also find either the initial velocity, final velocity, distance or time of a piece of grass that is shot out of the side of the mower. Lawn mowing takes a lot of thinking to do because when the grass is longer i would want to move the mower with a slower velocity than if the grass is short because the lawn mower may not be able to handle such long grass in a short amount of time and do a quality job.
  11. Physics is everywhere in soccer. Whether its kicking the ball, saving the ball or as Theo would like to do, running into people, you can find it while playing soccer. You can find the average speed of the ball if you know the distance the ball travelled and the time it took the ball to travel that distance. Also, Newtons 1st law says that "an object stays at rest until acted upon an external force" so in soccer the object would be a ball and the force would be someones foot kicking the ball. This is why when you kick the ball, it can go a short distance or a long distance depending on the amount of force you put on the ball. FInally, the transfer of energy is important in this because the energy your leg creates when you swing it back is tranferred into the ball which makes it go.
  12. nice to see we can help and teach eachother this year
  13. Good job on your eagle scout paul! we can study together and help eachother get the grades we would like
  14. My name is Nick and I'm a junior. In my free time i like to play sports, mostly soccer and tennis which i am on the varsity team for both. When im not playing sports or in school im usually doing something with friends or i am outside snowboarding, mountain biking, golfing, or playing basketball but it is possible you could find me napping because i get tired and love to sleep, who doesnt?! I am taking physics this year because it was either this or chemistry and chem seems really really boring which i will eventually dread taking next year. this year i hope to learn more about the world and how stuff works because i find myself asking questions like "how does that happen?" or "why does this do that?" and hopefully i will learn those answers in this class
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