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    When your driving a car physics is involved. If you had a blow horn and blew it out the window while you were driving and someone was standing outside of the car and as the car drove away the frequency would decrease compared to the frequency and amplitude would be the same way as frequency it would be higher as your closer and lower as your farther away or as the object goes farther away. The wave created from the blowhorn would be sound wave which is considered longitudinal wave. Also another part of physics that is connected to a driving a car is kinematic equations as well as ramp inclines depending of the car is going up or down hill
  2. bailliexx13
    Physics is present in computers due to the circuits that are in computers. There are parallel and series circuits. Also while a computer is running electric currents flow from high electric potential to low electric potential. Computers have a battery in them which is the voltage source which makes the computer run and the electrons flow throughout the object. You could also connect a voltmeter and an ammeter to the circuit which would help you record the voltage as well and the amps traveling though the circuit board.
  3. bailliexx13
    Of course surfing is related to physics because of waves. Waves are a transfer of energy, so every time a surfer rides a wave they are actually involved in a transfer of energy. Also the combined effect of the interaction of multiple water waves is known as wave interference this is when two waves meet and the total displacement is the sum of the individual displacement of the waves. The waves also meet but then go opposite directions once they meet as if they never met. Also standing waves can produced in the ocean as well which is when waves of the same frequency and amplitude traveling in opposite directions meet. So a surfer is actually experiencing many physics like thinks while surfing the waves.
  4. bailliexx13
    Frozen is my favorite movie and physics is very much present in this movie. When Olaf rolls down the hill he experiences acceleration as well as friction. Friction is also present at the end of the movie when the sven and cristoph are running on the frozen lake and sven slides off and into the water. Collisions can also be seen in the movie when cristoph, Olaf, and Ana fall from the snow beast that is protecting princess Elsa's ice castle and Olaf collides with Cristoph on the bottom which could be both an elastic and inelastic collision. Finally when Sven runs from the wolves every part of the kinematic equations is present initial velocity, final velocity, time, distance, and acceleration
  5. bailliexx13
    Everyone goes to the gym and works out once in a while but who would know that physics is part of lifting weights and running on the treadmill. Forces everywhere. When you are are lifting you are applying a force against the wights but gravity is also a force that is present as well. Work is also being done on the weights because you are applying a force on an object. And how many reps you do can be considered power because power is the rate which the force does work.
  6. bailliexx13
    Uh OH! Physics is so involved when it comes to studying for midterms no matter what the subject is. When you put a force on the book your reading or the papers your moving that all involves physics . You can use the formula F=ma which is basically saying force equals mass multiplies by acceleration so just the acceleration that the papers or book is moving multiplied by the mass of the object . Also dynamics is involved when you move your object across a certain surface! Physics is everywhere!
  7. bailliexx13
    Physics can definitely be displayed while snowboarding. You start with an initial velocity before going down the hill usually you start from rest, then you have a constant acceleration throughout your whole trip down the hill, and you also have a final velocity which is the velocity you end with. Also the distance you travel and the time you finish the distance in is just as important. All of these components play a large part in physics. Also momentum and impulse are involved in snowboarding if you crash into someone else either moving or if they are staying still.
  8. bailliexx13
    Physics is even relevant when it comes to simple things such as making dinner. It all depends on the amount of work you do as well as the power that is used. Circular motion is also used if your mixing things which then means period, frequency, and radius is now important. You can also use kinematics equations to solve certain components if you drop something off the kitchen table or counter. Physics is everywhere even with the simplest things.
  9. bailliexx13
    While driving you experience momentum as well as impulse. Momentum measures how hard it is to stop a moving object. You experience this when you are about to stop before a stoplight or a stop sign. Impulse is a sudden change and a change in momentum. The more momentum you have while driving the harder it is to stop. Momentum also depends the speed you are driving as well as the mass of the car. If you are driving and get into a collision the momentum stays the same from before and after the collision. Force is needed to change the cars momentum which is impulse because it changes the cars momentum over a period of time.
  10. bailliexx13
    While playing mini golf or "glow golf" I discovered that physics is highly involved. Work and power plays a big role in this activity. The force you hit the ball and the distance the ball goes is how you can calculate the work done. Also you can calculate the power of the ball by dividing the work by the time it took for the ball to travel. The force you hit the ball is very important because it effects the distance the ball goes as well as the velocity. The initial velocity as well as the final velocity and acceleration plays an important role on if you will make it to the hole and how many hits it will take you to get the ball in the hole.
  11. bailliexx13
    When launching a catapult physics is very much present. It starts with the angle that the catapult is at as well as its horizontal and vertical projectile. The horizontal acceleration will always be 0 m/s^2 and the vertical acceleration will be 9.81 m/s^2. The initial velocity and final velocity for the horizontal component will be the same and final velocity for the vertical component will be 0 m/s. Also the time for the horizontal and vertical component will be the same. Distance on the other hand for the vertical and horizontal component will be different. To find the horizontal and vertical component if it is not given to you, you can use the formulas Ay =Asinθ and Ax =Acosθ. Physics is most definitely present when shooting a catapult especially when solving using kinematic equations.
  12. bailliexx13
    After have been playing soccer for so many years, I have noticed that physics is greatly present while playing soccer. This can be seen when you kick the soccer ball from a certain angle, which makes it a projectile. While you kick it from this angle it has a horizontal motion as well as a vertical motion. This includes the acceleration of the ball as well as the initial velocity and the horizontal velocity. Acceleration will not be changed while the ball is in motion but there will most likely be a difference between the initial velocity and the final velocity. Another thing about the physics that is relevant in soccer is newton's law of motion. An object at rest stays at rest and object in motion stays in motion.
  13. bailliexx13
    Its hard to believe but physics is most definitely relevant when it comes to running. While running you have an acceleration as well as an Initial velocity and a final velocity. If you were running around the block and wanted to find out your distance you could use kinematic equations. As long as you have the velocity you started running at as well as the velocity that you ended with. You will also need to know the time or your acceleration to find out your distance. But physics is present greatly while running also due to the fact that you are in motion and also due to the fact that gravity is acting on you as well.
  14. bailliexx13
    Longboarding is completely full of physics. Longboarding is like skateboarding but the board is alot bigger and you cruise on it instead of doing tricks. But longboarding still includes stopping, turning and the shifting of your weight on the board which all relates to physics one way or another. Acceleration plays a big role while you are longboarding because as you start moving acceleration quickly changes depending if you are on a flat surface or are cruising down a hill. Distance is also part of longboarding due to the fact that you can only go a certain distance until your velocity slows down so much that you are no longer crusing freely without having to push the board with your feet. Angles are also included because as you are moving you need to make the decision on how greatly you have to rotate your body to turn the board. There is so much hidden physics in longboarding that is really easy to see and understand once you think about it.
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