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  1. Many people enjoy the game of ping pong such as myself. Ping pong can relate to physics such as forces and acceleration. Because the ball will always be the same mass one must use a larger force on te paddle to make the bal accelerate faster. In order to win the point, you must have a larger velocity than the initial velocity which is the velocity coming from the oponent. In order to do this you must have a larger acceleration therefore use a larger force
  2. once again, because summer is coming so soon I thought about going to seabreeze and riding the roller coasters. Roller coasters involve lots of physics such has gravity and mass. also on rides such as the screaming eagle which goes upside down, centripetal acceleration. because of the mass of the roller coaster and the mass of the people on it, the center seeking reaction occurs although it is not a true reaction. by applying a force towards the center of the circle, it moves in a circular pattern. Although the track maybe experiencing this force, the rider feels the center seeking force which then pushes them toward the outside of the car. if you know what the radius of the circle is and the velocity at which the ride is going, you will be able to find this center seeking force.
  3. for the fact that summer is coming up faster than we think, I thought it would be nice to talk about one of my favorite summer activities, water tubing. Momentum is a huge aspect. many of us know that momentum= mass x velocity. this explains that it is much easier for a smaller person such as myself to get pulled around compared to my dad. Although it may be easier to pull me, my dad has much more momentum. Another aspect that comes into play is forces. because the motor of the boat applies the boat to move, the boat applies a force of the rope which applies a force on the tube which the tube is then pulled through the water. All water activities are my favorite part about summer, I cant wait!
  4. While riding a bike one must use forces to keep the bike moving. By applying a force on the pedals the wheels will begin to rotate. The harder you push the faster the wheels move then the faster you will go. There are also external forces such as gravity. Gravitys goal is to pull any mass towards the center of the earth. Therefore you must keep balence or if not you will fall and gravity will pull you down. Lastly, friction is involved. The wheels on the ground undergo friction.
  5. This passed weekend I flew to Houston for a volleyball tournament and of course I thought about physics! Physics has a lot to do with the flight of a plane, especially forces and the forces of air on the wings of the plane. As air follows the upper surface of a wing, it gets bent downward because the surface is curved but also because the leading edge is tilted up. To bend the air downward, the wing has to exert a force on it (Newton's first law). With being in the low-pressure zone, above the wing and the higher pressure below it, the air exerts an upward force on the wing which causes it to lift up.
  6. In teh upcoming olympics, curling is my favorite sport to watch. Although many people find it boring to watch i think it is very interesting to see how it all works. The stone that is being slid down the ice is very heavy so that it can slide down the length of the ice without slowing down. The velocity of the stone is only only a few meters per second. before the game begins the force of friction is lessened by spraying water on top of the ice which freeze into little pebbles of ice that help the stone move down the ice. lastly the people who are brooming help this as well because it rids the dirt from on top of the ice which helps the stone travel farther.
  7. over the past summer i took sailing lessons and fell in love with it. Physics is involved within it also. You need to umderstand Newtons Laws vectors and wind power. Moving wind has kenetic energy which is caught in the sails and powers the boat to move. Both the forces of wind and the water act on opposite sides of the boat resulting in the direction on the boat. this will cause calcultation the speed of the boat to be differnt than most becasue you need to know both forces of the wind and the water. when the boat moves it creates a wave behind it, when you get faster and faster the wave gets bigger and bigger. Sailing is very difficult becuase you need to understand where the wind is coming from to find the resultant of where the wind will be most efficient in moving the boat.
  8. Physics can be seen in Hockey in multiple ways. The main concept would be the friction between the players skates and the ice. Ice is not a frictionless surface therefore friction is involved. On the reference table rubber on ice has a coefficient of friction when moving of 0.15. When calcualting friction this must be inculded. Hockey can become a very physical game. When pushing another player into the boards, a huge force must be transfered from one person to the other also inculding the force of friction.
  9. Many sports such as baseball or playing with your dog inculde playing catch. Within playing catch comes a lot of physics. Understanding projectiles and freefall all in one. When one person throws the ball they throw it into the air so that it reaches its full height, comes back down, then the other person catches the ball before in reaches the ground. To understand this you will have to take into respect gravity. Gravity will affect the balls potential height and the velocity at which it will go at to reach the designated spot at which one is trying to hit. The higher you throw the ball the shorter distance it will go and the more force or velocity it will need. But the lower you throw it the farther it will go becuase of the less gravitational pull that is exerted on the ball.
  10. I love doing peoples hair and playing around with it. Doing hair can also relate to physics. By exerting a force on the hair with my hands, it makes it stay in the place you want. by putting a hair tie or a bobby pin in the hair, that adds a force to keep the hair in place. You would use a hair tie to keep your hair in place because gravity is pulling it down so it will not stay without that extra force holding it up.
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    Baseball has a lot to do with physics but mostly projectiles. As a outfielder in baseball, you would want to throw the ball into infeild at a 45 degree angle. this will maximize your distance of the ball. A baseball players goal is to get teh ball infeild as fast as possible and throwing it at a 45 degree angle would help this happen. to get the player out, the ball must beat the player. therefore, overall, an outfeilder would maximize their play by continuing to throw the ball with a 45 degree angle.
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    Astronauts are a huge part of physics. they are they only ones who have yet expericence the very small gravitational pull on the moon. They go on trips to the moon to find new information and new planets. On the moon the gavitaional pull in much less than on the earth. This is due to the fact that the moon is farther away from the center of the earth. On earth the verticle acceleration is 9.81 downward therefore, on the moon it would be MUCH smaller becuase it is way farther from the center of the earth.
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    sky diving

    Physics is everything. Sky diving includes all fundementals of physics. As you go soaring through the air, there are many things that pull you down back to earth. For example, a person's mass is something that brings you down. The greater you're mass, the faster you will get pulled down. Along with mass, gravity plays a roll in sky diving. The force is pulling you towards the center of the earth. The higher up in the air that you are, the less gravitational pull there is.
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    Volleyball is full of physics. The angles at which one moves to the ball. The fastest way to get to the ball. The techniques that you use to hit the ball, pass the ball and set the ball all involve physics. As a Libero, I only play in the back row and pass the ball. It is my job to help the team by given them good passes so the setter can then set our hitter to attack the other team on offense. I have to read the opposing teams plays and the hitters shoulders to see where, in my best judgement, the ball is going. By doing this I am helping my team becasuse since I have an idea of where the ball is going making it easier to get the ball up. To help me, my teamates, as blockers, put up a block to take away part of the court im suppose to be covering. This also helps make my job easier becuase then I dont have to cover that area becuase they are. Also, being low and on my toes helps me as a passer becuase in the position I have more momentum to get to the ball coming at me. Volleyball is full of physics! These are a only a few ways.
  15. I wasnt sure about taking a fourth year of science as well, but since your in my class itll be fun!!!
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