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  1. The method had such a high percent error due to many different places. One area could be a delay timing in hitting the button as you jumped and landed. Another coiuld be when reading the stick. Once you jumped you had to measure the difference but our group only measured the changed not the complete distance which is what you calculate with the formula.

  2. Breaking News Gravity!

    The young physicists at Irondequoit High School have calculated the acceleration due to gravity in a new experiment.

     To Find this they first measured the distance from the floor to the botttom of a ball. Then a person dropped the ball while timing it to figure out how long it would take. After three trials of this, they calculated the average of all three trials to find the accceleration. The students found out that the acceleration was 5.5m/s2. The accepted number is 9.81m/s2 and their percent error turned out being 43.9%. In the end the findings were considered inaccurate due to the high percent error.


    By: Abbey Fox, Mitchel Zachary, Spencer Donoghue

  3. Hello my name is Abbey. I am 17 years old but I will be 18 in October. I am in my senior year of highschool so this is my last year.  I enjoy baking when I am bored as well as reading. Although I'm not good at it I also like to play soccer with my friends with our own interesting rules.


    I'm taking physics because its just kinda next in line for the sciences. I'm not real big on the whole science thing but my older brother insures me it was fun. I'm not really sure what I hope to learn this year but I'm sure it'll be something.

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