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    Basically when doing anything in life physics is involved. When driving physics is involved. Driving is all about getting from one place to another in the quickest amount of time because time is a precious thing and noone wants to waste it. When going from one place to another and then back to the same place from where you started is called displacement. When driving there is a certain speed that you are allowed to go. To get up to the speed that you want you must make you vehicle accelerate to the speed that you want. The velocity is how fast that your car is going. If you are stopped at a red light or a stop light your car won't go anywhere because according to Newtons first law an object at rest tends to stay at rest unless acted upon another force which could be you moving your foot from the break pedal to the gas pedal.
  2. kenzie10
    This past weekend I had to drive to Canada to play in a hockey tournament. While i was in Canada we had to drive on the expressway to get to the ice rink and as we were driving I saw a sign that reminded me of physics on the side of the road. The sign was a speed limit sigh and it said 70 km/hr. This reminded me of physics because for us Americans to know how fast to drive we had to do a metric coversion to get 70 km/hr to mph. After doing a metric conversion 70 km/hr turns into about 44 mph. You can learn how to do metric coversions by watching the metric conversions video on APlusPhysics.com.
  3. kenzie10
    I played soccer for 10 years. Now that I am in a physics class I am learning that there is physics in soccer all the time. The point of soccer is to put the ball in the opposing teams goal. The only way to do that is to kick or head the ball in. Kicking is the most important part while playing soccer because if you want to dominate the field you have to be able to control the ball and be able to move it around the other team by using your feet. When someone kicks the ball they are putting a force on the ball which is greater than the ball so the ball moves through the air. When someone puts a great force on the ball it goes through the air which is a projectile. The ball has an intial vertical and horizontal velocity the acceleration of the horizontal does not change but the acceleration of the vertical is always 9.81m/s^2. Depending on the force and angel at which the ball is kicked will effect what the velocity, speed and how far the ball goes.
  4. kenzie10
    As most know i love to play sports. One of the sports that i play is lacrosse. While playing lacrosse there is physics happening all the time. Lacrosse can be related to Newtons first law. Newtons first law is that an object in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. In lacrosse if someone throws the ball it is going to stay in the air and travel at the same speed unless someone puts their stick in the way to make it stop. Depending on how far away you are from the other person that you are passing to you have to put a certain amount of force behind it. If the person is close you only have to put a little force on it. If the person is far away then you have to put more force behind your throw.
  5. kenzie10
    When playing ice hockey there is alot of physics. For example, when skating up and down the ice surface the average velocity that one person is creating increases as their speed increases. When ones stick come in contact with the puck the velocity can change. The displacement of the person changes as the movement of the puck changes because the person wants to stay in the play of the game.

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