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    Karate Physics 2

    Another example of how physics applies to karate is in take-downs. This is when you use your opponent's bodyweight against them (which I know is more Judo inspired than actual karate, so just bear with me). But what I observed is with minimal brute force a person with little mass can take down an opponent with much bigger mass. This is done with speed. And as the formula for force goes, it is equal to the mass of the fist times the acceleration of the acceleration of the punch. So, short people of the world don't worry, with enough speed you can beat a much bigger opponent.
  2. Cdick

    Karate Physics

    In my years of teaching Karate to young children I have noticed several physics laws that become perfectly obvious. Among the most obvious is the law of conservation of momentum. Take for example when we practice flying kicks. We have it set up where the sensei, usually me, holds a bag at one end of the room and the student is at the opposite and runs, jumps, and then kicks the bag. What I have noticed is that the force that hits me depends on 1) the speed at which the kid runs and 2) the size of the kid. As the velocity goes up, the force goes up and the same with the mass.
  3. Cdick

    The Hoverboard

    I anyone has seen Back to the Future Part II, then you must remember the coolest thing to come out of the year 2015 was/is/will be the hover-board. After learning all about magnets and magnetism I have come to the conclusion that a hover-board is very possible. All that's required is to find a way to direct the repulsive force that's generated by like poles downward to give it the lift it needs. So now, in the year 2015, somebody make this a reality.
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