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  1. Personally, I'm for the continued use of the LHS. Yes, it uses tax payers dollars to fund major projects but they provide great results and research, one activity being the Ace Program. The Antiproton Cell Experiment (Ace) uses Antiprotons and protons in order to get rid of cancer cells. this is a great benefit because the proton beam is able to be guided easier in order to reach difficult areas of treatment that normal methods of chemo would normally damage. Though both treatments damage healthy tissue cells, the beam is the best choice because it is able to be directed from all sides and can help treat younger patients who are still growing. 

  2. Biking has always been an avid passion of mine, so much as i tell my friends to expect me to show up at their door all torn up and bloody asking if I can ash up xD. i have always wanted to try paintball becasue i think i would good at it, mainly because i'm tall enough to shoot over the tall barricades. 

  3. Hey, my name is Warren. I love being apart of my Varsity track team and playing huge amounts of video games. throughout my life i have always been a gamer by heart starting out on the old Gameboy Advance and now having worked my way up to owning a DS Lite, 3DS, Xbox 360, an original Xbox, Wiii, Gamecube, PS2 and PS3 along with a great Gaming PC. I will always be a gamer no matter what. With all the team oriented games i play i have taken skills from that and can apply that to my track life. i'm able to get along better with my team mates and have a better time.

       For physics this year i hope to learn more about electricity and motion. I have always been interested in these, mainly because i'm a runner and have almost electrocuted myself three time (i'm totally a safe person).i love to figure out how things work and what makes them tick, i know that may be something to say in a tech class but i feel like it can be applied to physics also. I'm looking forward to this year and i'm ready to learn.

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