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  1. SWeg. also look up Proton therapy. it's pretty interesting
  2. Personally, I'm for the continued use of the LHS. Yes, it uses tax payers dollars to fund major projects but they provide great results and research, one activity being the Ace Program. The Antiproton Cell Experiment (Ace) uses Antiprotons and protons in order to get rid of cancer cells. this is a great benefit because the proton beam is able to be guided easier in order to reach difficult areas of treatment that normal methods of chemo would normally damage. Though both treatments damage healthy tissue cells, the beam is the best choice because it is able to be directed from all sides and can help treat younger patients who are still growing.
  3. This ones going to be a throw back to the beginning of first-person-shooters online. Doom, the game where you stop the forces from hell taking over the earth (or if you're a stickler it's Doom 3 and you close the gate to Hell on Mars.) and you are the only guy ( Doom Guy, heh, bad pun sorry) to complete the task....or if you want to play the older games with a friend and then have it turn into an all out brawl with your fists. With this i'm ignoring the everything else that has to do with the physics because most things like floating eyes that spit fire and a portal to Hell on Mars can possibly be explained, i'm focusing on how the heck Doom Guy can carry nine different guns. This guy carries around shotguns, a pistol, a rocket launcher,the BFG and a chainsaw. Yes he can be strong enough to carry but where does he put them when he isn't using them, let alone all the ammo for it. I would have a video for this one but man is the game as bloody and gory as it can possibly be for it's time, instead have a picture. Also, who's excited for Doom 4?
  4. This isn't what it sounds like, yes you are a goat, yes it's a game with broken physics on purpose...okay, it is exactly what it sounds like. This game requires you to reach 500,000 points and the way you get it is up to you. either get a jetpack and fly around crazily, ram into cars, or if you so desire, become a penguin?The game also has many pop culture references for all you nerdy cultured people to enjoy also. I'll just let the video explain it, it's not something to put into words.
  5. If you were left alone in a room with one red button and told to not touch anything, what would you do after awhile? In This game your buddy goes off to pee and tells you not to touch anything, all that is in the room is you, a monitor displaying a city, and the all enticing red button. As time passes you get bored and decide to touch button. as things escalate and your inner thoughts question each button that appears that's when nuclear physics comes in and you see the the horror that is displayed on the screen.
  6. Yes, this game is exactly what it is. You are a robot, at a roller derby, that's also a disco, playing doge ball. This game is really fun and put your reflexes to the test. In the game there are power-ups that allow you to have a jet-pack, defy gravity by getting low-grav boots, or even better, throw your ball so fast that it can't be caught (or so they say) and when it hits another player they explode.
  7. Turbo Dismount is a game where you want to achieve max velocity (or not) depending on the situation of how you are going to meet your ultimate demise. The game is simple, you crash yourself into traffic to get the highest score possible. The game tells you your max velocity, total airtime, and max height. There are so many different ways to meet your demise by using obstacles such as bowling pins, boost pads, and ramps. Or if you want to change to a different vehicle that works too. This game is pretty fun and is enjoyed with friends so i thought i would share a video with all of you
  8. For the longest while Scientists would rag on a movie because either the science was wrong or it wasn't explained well, this happened with the movie "Interstellar". I understand why these things happens, Scientists want to inform the public of these amazing discoveries or the wonders of a certain topic but still keep the science 100% true as possible. I find it cool how more and more shows, games, and movies are taking the approach to consulting with highly respected people in each field to make sure the science is as true as possible. A great example of this would be in the movie "Guardians of the Galaxy" where the director James Gunn consulted with a NASA physicist to discuss how a person can survive in space without a breathing apparatus, and how factors such as how much skin is exposed, play a part in it. It really gets to me when pop culture and science butt heads because they can co-exist together. Today's movies, shows, games, etc. should respect the science behind everyday things or the possible science behind theoretical scenarios, just as science shouldn't crack down on pop culture because it's way off or by just a bit. When that happens doors are closed to potential scientific possibilities that could one day be proven true.
  9. Bootsy:)

    Boson X

    For years scientists have been discovering particles of all types and with this day and age's technology such as a particle accelerator physicists are trying to discover the " God Particle" or the Higgs Boson particle. In 2012 It was finally discovered and was a big win for the Physics community. Though with the discovery came some other news, news that the particle itself can end the universe. With it having a mass of around 126 million electron volts, it's the exact mass that is needed to keep the universe close to instability. More of this data can be read here at Live Science.com http://www.livescience.com/47737-stephen-hawking-higgs-boson-universe-doomsday.html What sparked my interest for this also was a game called Boson X, a first-person runner you could call it. The objective of the game is to find the Higgs Boson while discovering the other particles along the way by running through a particle accelerator as the floors, walls, and ceiling constantly change. I find the game pretty interesting and i felt as if i should share it with everyone else. http://www.boson-x.com/
  10. The game is set during the time of World War 2 when an infiltrator is trying to steal Hitlers secrets. Ok, lets get something straight about our world. 1) When throwing a knife at a metal grate it doesn't shatter it to tiny pieces. 2) Throwing a knife at a Nazi should kill it. 3) When someone dies the body doesn't automatically ragdoll and spaz out. 4) Physics in our world are normal. with that aside lets continue. in the game someone added a Physics engine which sometimes can be true to our world or completely the opposite. in the game to leave the room you need to throw your knife with enough force to break the wall let alone a metal grate blocking your way. while progressing through the castle you find Nazis you need to throw your knife at. the end result is a body lying on the floor with it's limbs still moving and sometimes the extreme case of him becoming one with the wall. over all this game is weird but the physics makes it fun to watch. Video:
  11. Does anything really need to be said for this one, I'm pretty sure everyone has seen or heard of the weird things that go on in the game from being able to launch someone with your voice to dashing 30ft in a second. All kidding aside Skyrim is a lot more fun because of this. One of the many weird things that I love about the game are the giants. if someone decides to make the giants mad they usually wind up between 100-150+ ft in the air. In our world, if the giant hit the ground with that much force the only thing that would happen would be a huge crack in the ground with a body smashed to bits. the icing on the cake though is that in Skyrim the body bounces a few feet in the air after landing. Video:
  12. Physics is a really fun science to learn about and it’s even more fun to see how video games can either follow the laws of it or completely change them. Going all the way back to 1996 when the first three Pokemon games came out a few examples would be the worst fish Pokemon Magikarp and a fire snail Pokemon named Magcargo. The only logical thing that Magikarp does is based off of real life when salmon swim upstream to spawn other than that it starts to get weird. When a Magikarp is caught its journal entry states that it used to use the move splash to leap mountains…..LEAP mountains. This is pretty extraordinary considering the moves does next to nothing. The scary part though is that when it’s coming down from it’s decent it has enough force to crack a human scull if it happens to hit someone. Magcargo on the other hand is even more dangerous. It’s normal body temperature is 18,000F. that’s enough to for people to spontaneously combust just getting close to it and yet in the world of Pokemon people somehow have this ability to ignore the physics of fire. Video:
  13. Okay this has to be one of the the most weird and difficult games I have ever played ( http://25.media.tumblr.com/c45b5f5e17bc6305ee2e4674ab04d3df/tumblr_mm1eyvkyWa1r9xitko1_400.gif ) this game is bizarre to most gamers. A certain surgeries you can do are Heart, Kidney, and Brain transplants in the back of an ambulance. I had just unlocked the Ambulance mode and as i'm finishing up removing the rib cage, ripping out the lungs (Don't ask why, you need to to get to the heart) and taking out the stomach I had just gotten the heart out. Meanwhile the back of the Ambulance bursts open and as the ambulance hit the pothole ALL of the tools and body parts flew up into the air and I was flipping out because I almost punched the replacement heart out of the ambulance in the process of saving it. I noticed that the objects were launched in a parabolic motion so that they stayed right were they started after they land. This is projectile motion in action. it's just like when you walk and toss a ball in the air and catch it. it goes in an arc and lands back in your hand.
  14. A few years back I used to use my Nerf guns all the time, I think I have around 7-8 and I think they are very great. I always liked going for longshots to hit my target board on the other side of the house. I would lie down on my stomach and to hit direct center I would have to aim a little higher than the target so i would hit a bulls eye. The reason why would be because of gravity pulling down on the dart as it leaves the barrel at 9m/s2. To make things more complicated doing a shot to hit the target outside is even more difficult because if their is wind you cant aim directly at the target, you would most likely ahve to aim anywhere but the target to land direct center.
  15. SpeedRunners is a game made by a company called TinyBuild (http://tinybuild.com/speedrunners). the objective is to be the 1 person left out of 4 who is the last one standing in a race. it's basically Mariokart with a little bit of Super Meat Boy thrown in ( An indie rage game). long story short: it's intense fun and action. the game has lots of physics involved such as angular motion, physics and acceleration. my favorite though would be the grappling hook panels on the ceiling. when the runner grapples the distance of his swing depends on his/her length of the rope, velocity, and angle of release. for the perfect release point would be an angle below 90 degrees and above 30 with a medium sized length of the grappling hook and the speed. when the runner accelerates before grappling it determines what his initial velocity would be giving more of a launch distance. if you like the thrill of a fast paced game with the possibility of using it to settle a dispute between friends, then I suggest this great game with great physics.
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