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  1. Yo I'm Maximillian and I'm a junior currently. Physics is sick. Some of my interests include being a radio DJ for my high school's radio station WIRQ, one of the oldest, or possibly the oldest high school radio station in existence. I also do DJing through WIRQ for WBER which is a larger radio station that broadcasts all over the world. Also I attend lots of concerts and meet musicians from all over the country.

    I am taking physics this year because it is the next step after chemistry, and a lot of concepts in physics are really interesting to me. One that comes to mind is the physics applied to invisibilty, namely the Philadelphia Project aka Project Rainbow. Yes there is a movie with such a premise and it is widely regarded as a hoax, but the idea itself of cloaking a full fledged warship is insane. Also Nikola Tesla is one of my favourite figures in history and his inventions are stuff of legend so learning anything about him at a more in depth level would be great.

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