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  1. Everyone knows what a sword is, whether it be a katana, claymore, or even the famed Excalibur of Arthurian tales. Sure when you swing a sword it cuts, but what about the sound it makes? This came to mind as I thought of one of my favorite movies, The Last Samurai. At first I related it to the sounds produced by whips or arrows, but I wanted to look into the matter to find out what is really behind the cause of a sword's sound. To go with the theme from The Last Samurai, I researched a lot about the ideas the Japanese associate with their swords. in Japan in order to have a proper sound, or hasuji, the blade must create the proper sword wind, or tachikaze. When a sword slices through the air, it must push away air molecules and creates what is called a thickness noise. This works in conjunction with loading noise, which is the blade having a direct effect on the air, generating forces to move it about. Since the blade of a katana is tapered, this allows it to cut the air more aerodynamically, and forms a vortex of air behind it, What you hear is the tone of the blade cutting through and pushing molecules out of the way, much like an arrow piercing the air as it flies by.
  2. after reading this, all I can say is BURR!
  3. 11/10 already and all i've read was the title.
  4. what would be a bee's eyeview in the trap?
  5. People who know me, tend to know of my "obsession" with shoes. Sure I own a couple pairs (13+?), who doesn't like to buy shoes? Shoes can be a perfect representation of your personality. I take this idea to heart, and have my shoes say for me what I don't need to. But with such a pair of shoes, one must protect them, correct? Recently I ordered a pair of Supra TK Societys, one of my favorite shoes. Now, the black heel cover and Velcro straps are crafted using suede, a light leather with a napped finish. While a lovely material, this material has no reason existing where I live normally, as one minute it can be 70 and sunny and next it's 50 and rainy. Water destroys suede, discoloring it and ridding the material of its trademark napped finish. In order to combat such a problem I utilized Kiwi Waterproofing Spray for Suede products. After treating my shoes and pouring a cup of water on them, I touched them to notice that they were not wet at all. Where does this lead me? Into the actual science of waterproofing finally! (Practicing on old beaters so my new shoes aren't ruined! With waterproofing, practice does make perfect. I generally go with 3 coats, yet you can do as little as 2 or as a much as 5 in my opinion) How does waterproofing work? Well so far, I believe I've come across a reasonable answer. Waterproofing spray is a mixture of chemicals, creating a nonpolar solution that when applied onto the suede, soak into the material and form a bond that prevents (to a degree) the adverse effects of getting suede shoes wet. As a result of spraying the shoe, you should get something like this: (The water just rolls right off, leaving no dark spot or wetness. Magic? Probably. But let's call it PHYSICS.) Thanks to PHYSICS, I can enjoy my current life in a rainy town, while still being able to enjoy stylish clothing using suede. - Credit to Suprafootwear.com for 1st photo, myself for the other 2
  6. Yo I'm Maximillian and I'm a junior currently. Physics is sick. Some of my interests include being a radio DJ for my high school's radio station WIRQ, one of the oldest, or possibly the oldest high school radio station in existence. I also do DJing through WIRQ for WBER which is a larger radio station that broadcasts all over the world. Also I attend lots of concerts and meet musicians from all over the country. I am taking physics this year because it is the next step after chemistry, and a lot of concepts in physics are really interesting to me. One that comes to mind is the physics applied to invisibilty, namely the Philadelphia Project aka Project Rainbow. Yes there is a movie with such a premise and it is widely regarded as a hoax, but the idea itself of cloaking a full fledged warship is insane. Also Nikola Tesla is one of my favourite figures in history and his inventions are stuff of legend so learning anything about him at a more in depth level would be great.
  8. What's goooood Washington. Osaka University would a cool place to study at, my grandfather lives in Okinawa
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