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  1. Feynman describes how his father taught him from a young age that knowing the name of things does not tell you anything about the thing itself. A segment from the 1981 BBC Horizon interview "The pleasure of finding things out"
  2. [color=rgb(103,103,103)][font=Arial][size=3][background=rgb(251,251,251)]In this video, produced by the National STEM Centre and the Institute of Physics, Michael de Podesta has a unique twist to demonstrate static electricity and charge. Small pieces of paper are attracted to a statically-charged balloon. Amazingly, so is a sausage. This short video illustrates an engaging demonstration that can readily be used with students.[/background][/size][/font][/color]
  3. New Equipment released at the 2012 CrossFit Games.
  4. Cars sliding in the portland ice storm...
  5. High school students demonstrating the C of M with a fire extinguisher and a canoe. The mass of the canoe with students is guessed at 200+ kg. Apologies for the size of the file and the orientation of the phone camera.
  6. [color=rgb(51,51,51)][font=arial][size=3]When sunlight shines through a small hole, it casts a circular image on the wall regardless of the shape of the hole. The size of the hole also doesn't affect the size of the image.[/size][/font][/color] [color=rgb(51,51,51)][font=arial][size=3]This counterintuitive demonstration shows that the hole is acting like a pinhole camera, producing an image of the sun on the wall. Therefore the size and shape of the hole have no effect on the size and shape of the image.[/size][/font][/color] - Website

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