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Hello my name is jeramy brown, a 16 year old who hopes to succeed physics this year. I enjoy many outdoor activities and love to play when i get the chance. My favorite sports are football, basketball, and track. I am currently on the football team at the varsity level where i hope to excel in that as well. nonetheless, i enjoy video games mostly in the fighting genre because i am very skilled at them and have been since i was very little with mortal kombat 3 being my very first game that i played.

Furthermore, the reason why i am taking physics is becuase i want to have as many high school credits as possible and to fill in free periods i wouldve had if i didnt take this course. Also, i am intrigued by how many things i dont know that physics can teach me including why things happen the way they do whether or not its conducting electricity or just simply smelling another substance. In conclusion, i have a feeling this is going to be a long year but in the end i know this class will help me in the long run

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