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Car Crash Web Quest

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Gunnar Miller, Nick Nolan, Kaiya Williams

Car Crash Web quest

Next we were required to find the momentum immediately following the collision with our physics knowledge of the formula Momentum=(mass)(velocity) or P=mv we had both vehicles masses and velocity’s prior to the crash. The way we solved was as follows Cadillac: P= (3000kg)(2.83m/s)=8,490kg*m/s Subaru: P=(2000kg)(12m/s)=24,000kg*m/s. after finding these two momentums it played a huge role in solving the rest of the lab.

The next part was finding the Momentum before the collision this was a very simple step in the lab we knew that before the collision the Subaru was at rest so the momentum of the Subaru was 0kg*m/s knowing the law of conservation of momentum we knew the total momentums of the vehicles after the crash would equal the momentum of the Cadillac before the crash. This lead us to add 24,000kg*m/s+8,490kg*m/s= 32,490kg*m/s.\

Finding the velocity before the crash was similar to the problem before we knew the Subaru’s velocity was 0m/s because it was at rest. To find the Cadillac’s velocity before we derived the formula Vs=(msuv)(vsuv) + (mwagon)(vwagon)/ msuv = 32490kg*m/s /3000kg= 10.83m/s. Knowing the speed limit was 35km/hr so we converted 10.83m/s to 38.99kh/hr so we knew that the Cadillac was speeding before he hit the wagon.

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