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Car Crash Webquest Challenge

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A traffic accident occurred in a 35 km/hr speed limit area on Millway Street in which a 3000-kg Cadillac Escalade SUV rear-ended a 2000-kg Subaru Outback Wagon that was stopped at a stop sign. The Subaru traveled forward with a distance of 24 meters, the Escalade only traveled 2 meters. We found this information from the skid marks that were left by both the SUV and the wagon. With the amount of distance that was covered by the wagon after the collision, we can assume that the SUV had to be going pretty fast to make the wagon move 24 meters. We calculated the speed of the SUV to be about 39 km/hr, which is 4km/hr over the speed limit. The driver denies that he was speeding but the evidence and calculations say otherwise. We found this information from the skid marks that were left by both the SUV and the wagon.

By doing a few calculations we found the velocity (speed) of the SUV which was 10.83 m/s which is equal to 38.9 km/hr. The speed of wagon was 0 m/s because it was stopped at a stop sign or in other words it was at rest. The calculation of the speeds were done with a momentum chart, which is the momentum before in kg(m/s) and the momentum after in kg(m/s). The momentum of the SUV immediately before the collision was 32,490 kg(m/s) and the momentum of the wagon was 0 because it was at rest.

Kinematic equations were used to figure out what the velocity of both the SUV and the wagon were immediately following the collision. We used the equation vf^2 = vi^2+2ad, which is the final velocity squared = initial velocity squared plus two times the acceleration and distance. We determined the initial velocity to be 2.83 m/s for the SUV and 12 m/s for the wagon. With this information we were able to find out the momentum of both the vehicles immediately following the collision. We used the equation for momentum which is p=mv this means the momentum is equal to mass times the velocity. The mass of the SUV times the velocity which was found in the previous problem gave it a momentum of 8490 kg (meters/second).

This concludes that in fact the driver of the SUV was without a reasonable doubt speeding over 35 km/hr and slammed into the back of the wagon driven by an old woman, who is now eligible to sue the driver of the SUV for her injuries acquired by the accident. Including the fact that the driver of the SUV did lie about whether he was speeding or not.

Developed by: Julia and Madison:victorious:

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