STEP - Integrated Circuits

Module Objectives

  1. Introduce students to science and engineering career opportunities.
  2. Develop deeper understandings of science concepts through analysis of applications.
  3. Develop vocabulary needed to converse in the semiconductor and nanotechnology industries.
  4. Develop skills needed to explore high-tech concepts independently.

Major Understandings

  1. Integrated circuits are everywhere in modern society.
  2. Integrated circuits are built out of single crystal silicon, which is manipulated in a variety of ways to create a functioning device.
  3. Acceptor and donor dopants may be used to replace silicon atoms in the silicon lattice to manipulate the electrical characteristics of the silicon.

Module Outline

Activity Understandings Addressed Bloom's Taxonomy Format Resources Time (per)
Semiconductor Profile WebQuest 1 1,2,3,6 WebQuest Internet access, WebQuest sheet 1
Semiconductor Profile WebQuest Review 1 1,2,3,6 Discussion Group review / brainstorming of learnings from activity 0.5
Unit Overview Lecture/Discussion 1,2,3 1,2,4 Lecture / Discussion Unit Overview Notes 2.5
Integrated Circuit Model Lab 2 2,4,5 Activity String, tape, construction paper, razor or scissors 1

Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives in the Cognitive Domain

  1. Knowledge
  2. Comprehension
  3. Analysis
  4. Application
  5. Synthesis
  6. Evaluation


Module Content

Module content may be found under the Courses --> Honors --> Tutorials --> Microelectronics section of this site, or from the Microelectronics chapter of Honors Physics Essentials.