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  1. Scalars & Vectors
  2. Motion Graphs
  3. Kinematic Equations
  4. Dynamics
  5. Friction
  6. UCM & Gravity
  7. Momentum & Impulse
  8. Work & Energy
  9. Electrostatics
  10. Electric Circuits
  11. Circuit Analysis
  12. Magnetism
  13. Wave Basics
  14. Wave Behaviors
  15. Modern Physics

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  1. Introduction
    1. What Is Physics?
    2. Skills Based Grading
  2. Math Review
    1. Metric System
    2. Significant Figures
    3. Scientific Notation
    4. Scalars and Vectors
  3. Kinematics
    1. Defining Motion
    2. Graphing Motion
    3. Kinematic Equations
    4. Free Fall
    5. Projectile Motion
      1. Horizontal Projectile Practice
      2. Angled Projectile Practice
      3. More Angled Projectile Practice
  4. Dynamics
    1. Newton's 1st Law of Motion
    2. Free Body Diagrams
    3. Newton's 2nd Law of Motion
    4. Newton's 3rd Law of Motion
    5. Friction
    6. Ramps and Inclines
  5. Circular Motion and Gravity
    1. Centripetal Acceleration
    2. Circular Speed
    3. Centripetal Force
    4. Frequency and Period
    5. Vertical Circular Motion
    6. Universal Gravitation
    7. Gravitational Fields
    8. Orbits
  6. Momentum
    1. Momentum & Impulse
    2. Impulse-Momentum Theorem
    3. Conservation of Momentum
  7. Work, Energy & Power
    1. Work
    2. Power
    3. Types of Energy
    4. Springs
    5. Conservation of Energy
    6. Work, Energy, and Power in Crossfit Problems
    7. Work, Energy, and Power in Crossfit Solutions
  8. Electrostatics
    1. Electric Charge
    2. Conduction and Induction
    3. Coulomb's Law
      1. PSSC: Coulomb's Law
    4. Electric Fields
    5. Electric Potential Difference
    6. Parallel Plates and Equipotential Lines
  9. Current Electricity
    1. Electric Current
    2. Resistance & Resistivity
    3. Ohm's Law
    4. Circuits
    5. Energy & Power
    6. Voltmeters and Ammeters
    7. Series Circuits
    8. Parallel Circuits
  10. Magnetism
    1. Magnets and Magnetic Fields
    2. The Compass
    3. Electromagnetism
      1. PSSC: Magnet Laboratory
  11. Waves
    1. Wave Basics
    2. Wave Characteristics
    3. The Wave Equation
    4. Sound Waves
    5. Resonance
    6. Wave Interference
    7. Standing Waves
    8. Doppler Effect
    9. Reflection
    10. Refraction
    11. Diffraction
    12. Electromagnetic Spectrum
  12. Modern Physics
    1. Wave-Particle Duality
    2. Photoelectric Effect
    3. de Broglie Wavelength
    4. Models of the Atom
    5. Energy Level Diagrams
    6. Atomic Spectra
    7. Mass-Energy Equivalence
    8. The Standard Model

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