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Okay, so today i was skateboarding, thinking about blog posts, but also thinking about all the forces and such that go into just doing a few tricks. Such as the kickflip, where the board spins on the lengthwise axis (for those of you not skateboarding people). It needs the physics of the ollie, which is downward force on the tail, force upwards because of the fulcrum of one of the axles, and forward momentum from pushing with the front foot, for an inertial fulcrum that rotates the board up into the air.

From there, the rotation is caused by a downward force on the edge of the board, but, the force often isn't so much downward as it is across, similar to how the ollie levels the board not by pushing down, but across.

That's the part that blew my mind, most of the forces and tricks using a skateboard are only possible because of the increase in friction from the grip tape, making the entire idea of skateboarding reliant on friction, not just with rolling down a hill and stopping, but every trick involved NEEDS friction to be done.

Kinda just something cool i thought of.


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