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Taking the AP Physics C test



On may 13th 2013 I sat down in my high school in the afternoon for my AP Physcis C exam. The first test I had to take was the mechanics exam: 45 minutes for the multiple choice and 45 minutes for the free response questions. The 35 question multiple choice part of the exam wasn't all that difficult but a bunch of problems took a long time to figure out. I didn't finish that part of the exam so I had to guess on the last 4 questions. The beginning of the free response section began with a air resistance question. The week before, my physics teacher suggested we review how to do air resistance because he thought there might be one question on the test where we would need that information. I didn't heed his warnings and advice so I didn't review it as much as I should have. I was able to answer most of the question but not to the extent I would have hoped to. The last two problems were very do-able and I was able to finish the mechanics free response questions.

The electrostatics and magnetism section of the exam was a bit more difficult in my opinion. The multiple choice section required a lot of work to be calculated and figured out by hand so again, I wasn't fortunate enough to finish: I had to guess on the last 5 questions. The free response questions only got worse. The first and third free response questions were do-able and I thought I did very well overall on those two but the second one was nearly impossible beyond the second part of that question. I finished most of that part but there were definitely some aspects I didn't understand as well as I probably should have.

The Physcis C AP was very difficult and I am very nervous in anticipation to see what my scores are.


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