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In the classroom and around school I know that you mostly know me for my fedora, but on the karate floor i cant wear a hat so, I'm kinda stuck with these curls. Hilariously enough, sensei zak was joking about how my head always comes close to the ground on arials in front of the white belt class, then remarked "no, he just has a helmet for hair." I actually wanted to see that if my head and curls really were springs, what would the spring constant have to be on on giant spring to bounce me back, considering the curls come about an inch and a half off my head, and i mass in at about 70 kg.

when just standing on my head. i would have about 700N of force pushing back on my head, which needs to be made up for by the force of the spring.


x=1.5 inches=3.81 cm=.0381 m


my hair would have to have a spring constant of 18372.7 N/m, way over anything we had in labs in physics, let alone made by my hair, or using it as a "helmet"

but hey, its funny to for the kids to hear, and it was a fun day doing all those tricks teaching my students (yes, a student can have other students :P)

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