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Physics of Filmaking



When I habng out with my firends, I like to make short films. The process is rather easy, but to make them look believeable and funny you need to use a decent bit of physics. In my one short film entitled "Wolfy Wipeout", my friend Peter had to repeat the same motion over 10 times to get it perfect with him in his costume. The action he was trying to pull off was a believeable reaction to being punched and then falling to the ground. Most of the time I used to much power in the hit and the mask swung around his head, while other times, when my friend, Peter, fell to the floor he just colapsed or got his tail caught under his foot. It is rather difficult the actual actions people would make in a realistic situation.

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Tremendous!  I bet you'll really enjoy the unit on momentum and collisions -- could be some great applications to your movie making.  Also, our teaching assistant, Brendan, is a film/video major at RIT now -- bet he'd love to talk to you!

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