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Flipping pizza



I work about 4 to 5 days a week at the local pizza shop, Cam's pizzeria. There, I answer phones, wait on tables, work the register, and yes, I do make pizza. To impress the children at a birthday party on a tour of the restuarant a couple of weeks ago, my boss pulls out all of his fancy tricks to make the children "ooo" and "ahhh". One of these tricks, applies to what we have been learning about in physics. As my boss tosses the pizza into the air during the making process, the concepts of physics and my everyday life make a connection. As the dough flies into the air, it inherits the initial velocity that my boss gives it. Then, once it hits its highest point, it stops for a split second in the air. Last, it follows the same path and velocity back downward into my bosses hands. But why does it come back down? Why doesn't it stay in the air longer? This is due to gravity. Gravity on earth pulls down on all objects, big or small. The children in the party thought of this as a "cool trick", but as a physics student, I thought of this as science.


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