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300 Physics



blog-0176628001392043197.jpgTo those who have watched the movie, 300, little did viewers aware on how the Spartans deliver their epic moments throughout the film. the most known moment in 300 is when king Leonidas kicks the Persian messenger to a mysterious hole. to kick the messenger, the king would have applied so much potential energy into his foot and transferred his kinetic energy onto the Persian, resulting in him falling into the cavern. another moment in 300 is at the Hot Gates when the 300 Spartans pushed the Persian army off a cliff. you see, the Spartans exerted as much net force into their own shields and their combined weight and pressure that exerted their friction force onto the Persian army. now at the end of the film, king Leonidas thrown his spear at the Persian king Xerxes, cutting the side of his jaw. the king relied on his angled projectile in his spear and depended on the acceleration from his arm that transferred to the spear. then the spear applied much friction force on Xerxes with the net force and acceleration resulting in his lip torn.


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