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My Interest (2nd Blog)



Throughout my life, one of my greatest interests has been baseball. I've been playing it since I was 4 years old and now, I even play it during every season of the year. As I've gained more knowledge about physics, I've been able to connect physics more to baseball. One thing I can apply, is that when a ball it traveling from the moment it leaves contact with the bat, to when it is caught by the outfielder, a v-t graph would have a line starting very positive and then decreasing at a constant velocity until it stops negatively on the graph below zero, since the ball falling would be the negative direction. Also, if you were to look at the displacement of a pitcher pitching the ball to the batter and the batter hitting the ball right back to the pitcher, in which he catcher it, the displacement would be 0 because the ball ended back where it had started. Furthermore, I'm taking physics because I hope to go into the field of engineering due to interest of math and science, compared to all other subjects in school. What I'm most excited about this year is doing the hands-on labs because I can't stand lectures. Also, what I'm most anxious about this year is finding out whether or not I actually have an interest in physics.


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