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Physics at work



As I bus tables at Parkside Diner, I realize all the physics involved. I pick up the heavy bus pan with all the dishes in it, which makes my hands hurt. This demonstrates Newton's 3rd Law since I pick up the heavy bus pan with my hands, the bus pan is applying the same force back on my hands because all forces come in pairs are both my hands and the bus pan are applying equal magnitudes in opposite directions. Also, the floor at Parkside tends to get very slippery when the waitresses accidentally spill drinks, and many times I nearly fall over because I the floor is so slippery. This demonstrates the lack of friction because there is almost no friction between the sole of my shoe and the floor with the water and drinks spilled all over it. When someone comes to clean up the wet floors, there is physics involved in that as well. The person cleaning up the mess uses a mop which he moves back and forth across the floor. As he puts more force on the mop, it will accelerate further. The less force he puts on the mop, the less acceleration which applies to Newton's 2nd Law of motion.


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