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SpeedRunners: A great game with great physics



SpeedRunners is a game made by a company called TinyBuild (http://tinybuild.com/speedrunners). the objective is to be the 1 person left out of 4 who is the last one standing in a race. it's basically Mariokart with a little bit of Super Meat Boy thrown in ( An indie rage game). long story short: it's intense fun and action. the game has lots of physics involved such as angular motion, physics and acceleration. my favorite though would be the grappling hook panels on the ceiling. when the runner grapples the distance of his swing depends on his/her length of the rope, velocity, and angle of release. for the perfect release point would be an angle below 90 degrees and above 30 with a medium sized length of the grappling hook and the speed. when the runner accelerates before grappling it determines what his initial velocity would be giving more of a launch distance. if you like the thrill of a fast paced game with the possibility of using it to settle a dispute between friends, then I suggest this great game with great physics.


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