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Physics of Water



What we know as the liquid that makes up a good part of our bodies/earth, and what helps us to stay alive, is actually related to physics! (Like everything else...). We can first see some physics in waterfalls and how they race toward the ground at very strong velocitys. Why do they do this? PHYSICS!! Gravity pulls the water toward the center of the earth which we see as down because we are on the surface of the spherical planet. The momentum of these waterfalls is also great, because momentum is mass times velocity. Water has a very large and concentrated mass when it comes to waterfalls as well as velocity due to acceleration of gravity, so the momentum is huge! We can also see the physics of water in the component called convection. As commonly known, warmer water will rise as it pushes colder water underneath. This convection makes it so hot water can actually freeze faster and is a huge part of physics.We also see physics when water is in another state. As water freezes it becomes ice; a hard, slippery substance. But why so slipper? Once again, PHYSICS! On the ice there is less friction, because even though the normal force is the same there is a smaller coefficient of friction due to the nature of the surface, which all makes friction less and allows us to slide/ feel a slippery sensation. Water has many properties that keep us alive and keep our world going, but the most important fact about water is that it has a lot to do with physics (obviously). :beerhat:


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