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  1. Money should not be spent to furthur study Particle Colliders. The united states economy is terrible and so money should not be wasted on information that we can live about. The information obviously has important benfits. We could feed children in ghana instead of spending money on science that is not needed. The money could go towards helping developing countries to provide water and food and items essential to live. We would unfortunately not have MRI's but kids in foreign countries are more important. The research for particles colliders is just too expensive to be worth it.
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    kicking a stool

  3. Most people know that the compass is used to navigate yourself around. However most don't know how it works. A compass is a magnet that is free to line up with magnetic field lines. The earth is basically a giant magnet with a north and south pole. However, the north pole of a compass is attracted to the geographic north pole of the earth.. therefore the geographic north pole of the earth is a magnetic south pole. The compass is able to navigate you around earth when you are lost because of magnetic field lines which run from north to south outside of the magnet. A north point of a compass will point towards wherever the magnetic field lines point. A compass is a good thing to bring with you when you travel or hike because it doesn't require electricity and the poles on earth will most likely never change, making the compass a consistent tool to have for an emergency. A compass is polarized which means it has two distinct and opposite ends. Regardless of where you are on earth, if you have a compass you can use magnetism to help you find your way back home!
  4. When you make toast in a toaster oven, you are using electrical power. Electrical power is the rate at which electrical energy is expended. The amount of electrical power your oven has is based on the amount of work it has to do and how much time it takes to make the toast. Toasters are measure in volts and they draw amps of current to work. The toaster is made up of a series of circuits. A circuit is a closed loop path through which current can flow. If a loop in the toaster oven somehow gets a disconnection then it will not longer be a closed loop path and current will be unable to flow therefore you will be toast-less. The current flows from high potential to low potential which is the opposite of electrons. The wires in the toaster oven most likely have low resistance because resistance opposes current flow. The electrical power from the outlet in your house travels to the toaster oven through currents and turns the potential energy into heat energy creating toast!
  5. When a librarian hears someone talking they tell them to be quiet. What is happening is they are hearing sound waves. Sound is a mechanical wave observed by detecting vibrations in the inner ear. Sound can travel across the library because sound can travel through air, water, wood and even steel. The waves that are produced when you talk are longitudinal waves. The speed of sound in air at STP is 331 m/s. So when you talk, it gets to the librarians very quickly. The sounds you make all have different frequencies and amplitudes. Librarians prefer sounds with low frequencies and low amplitudes. The longitudinal waves that you produce when you talk have compressions and rarefactions. If the librarian is on her way over to yell at you for talking, since she is approaching you, according to the Doppler Effect she will hear your voice at a higher frequency than your friends at your table. While in the library, create sound waves with very small amplitudes and you should be fine.
  6. Basketball has so much to do with physics! First off when you dribble a basketball, the force you put on the basketball, the basketball puts back on you. When you shoot a basketball its projectile motion. The ball goes is attracted to the ground because of gravity. Your shoes (hopefully) do not slip on the ground when you are running because of friction. When you fall and get a floor burn that is also due to friction and so painful. The amount of force you apply to the ball and the angle and location you shoot it from decides where it goes. During games ideally when you pass you want to put as much force as possible into it so its difficult for the other team to steal it. If you happen to miss your shot and the ball collides with the backboard or the rim, the momentum is conserved. That is why in warm-ups when everyone shoots at the same time its good to be aware of your surroundings because if that ball bounces right into your face it will not feel good. If you know your physics basketball can become a lot easier.
  7. If a hamster were to go surfing (which they couldn't do in Hawaii because hamsters are illegal there) then they would be surfing on waves. Waves are created from several pulses at regular time intervals and they carry energy. A pulse is a single disturbance which carries energy through a medium or through space. If a hamster was surfing and the wave reached a boundary such as rocks, it would reflect off the boundary and it would be inverted. However if the wave were to reach a soft or flexible boundary it would reflect but not invert. The waves in water that hamsters surf on are known as transverse waves. If the surfing hamster saw a shark they would scream and create a sound wave which is a longitudinal wave. If the hamster fell off its board and ended up underwater they could still scream because sound can travel through air, water, wood and even steel. Hopefully if the hamster has a good center of gravity they will not fall off the board!
  8. hamsters don't have to wear seatbelts in cars.
  9. interesting, hamsters also drink water.
  10. lacrosse is almost as cool as hamsters
  11. This is a long post, I suggest you shorten it up and spend more time playing with hamsters.
  12. This is a cute hamster and gravity is acting on him and when he runs in a wheel the force that keeps him from flying off is centripetal acceleration. This hamster is not magnetic. This hamster is also not a conductor of electricity. This hamster is still really cute though. This hamster is made up of atoms. Matter is made up of atoms. If you want to truly experience all aspects of physics buy a hamster.
  13. i like hamsters

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      do prefer them baked or cooked?

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      Moritz... In America we don't eat hamsters

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