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  1. Particle collider research funding should NOT continue. The extensive money spent on this research just to make very minimal steps toward actually figuring something out could be used for other, more concrete things. They're are some advantages to this research but they are very small and contribute something to only a specific area that isn't very helpful. Huge amounts of funding like this should go to things that are more tangible and realistic like education, paying off national debts, going to the poor, etc. Also, some of the experiments done and the tests there after pose harm to it's sub
  2. That's so cool that it can connect to the area of medicine!!!!
  3. We all know the type of people who have never met a mirror they didn't like, get it? Well not only do they like their own reflection, but they obviously like it because of the physics that it bestows! A mirror is an example of a specular reflection because it is a smooth surface that easily allows reflection to the point of visibility.We can see how the angle at which the wave strikes the mirror is equal to the angle at which it reflects off of the mirror due to the law of reflection. And no matter what angle we use, this will always be constant! Now if something is ugly enough and the mirror
  4. Last weekend I crossed the border into Toronto, Canada for a "girls weekend" with my mom and sister. Our main purpose of going there was for a yoga convention for all the yogies of the world. While at this convention, we of course experienced tons of physics! When doing different yoga poses, we experienced the great phenomenon-gravity- at work. When "ohming" or saying "namaste" we experienced sound waves, and the vibration they produced so that we could here them. But when we weren't doing yoga, we somehow still experienced physics! By dropping tons of money at the 3-story mall, The Eaton Cent
  5. People commonly say that physics is the way we can see different aspects of math in the physical world. And this is true for many math equations explain why certain things are the way they are as well as help us identify physics "answers". Earlier in the year we learned how to solve problems using kinematics when it came to projectiles, or something basically moving. But recently in math analysis I learned a knew way to solve these problems using calculus/derivatives which makes it much easier! For example, using calculus we can identify the time at which an object is rest given an equation. T
  6. By taking 2 sciences this year, I have the pleasure of making connections between both AP biology and physics. In bio we recently started learning about genetics and the biotechnology surrounding it. One of these biotechnologies is called gel electrophoresis. In gel electrophoresis we can see the separation of what makes up DNA based upon size and charge. By giving the molecules a negative charge and then having a positive charge at the opposite end of the technology, the molecules are attracted to the opposite end and proceed to move down the technology at different speeds and to different le
  7. This summer my family purchased two stand-up paddle-boards, otherwise known as SUPs. We took these boards out onto the lake at my cottage and were able to stand up in the middle of the water! Although not quite the same as surfing, you could still feel the waves underneath the board which is a huge component of physics. Every time the board went up or down it was because a pulse went through the wave. When the board went it up it was because it hit the crest, and when it went down it was because there was a trough (both equal in amplitude from the baseline). When boats would drive around where
  8. Hannah29

    Poor Rapunzel

    I wish my hair was as long as hers! Nice physics connection.
  9. Can you actually feel the ball getting warmer??
  10. What we know as the liquid that makes up a good part of our bodies/earth, and what helps us to stay alive, is actually related to physics! (Like everything else...). We can first see some physics in waterfalls and how they race toward the ground at very strong velocitys. Why do they do this? PHYSICS!! Gravity pulls the water toward the center of the earth which we see as down because we are on the surface of the spherical planet. The momentum of these waterfalls is also great, because momentum is mass times velocity. Water has a very large and concentrated mass when it comes to waterfalls as w
  11. Although the title might be quite deceiving, for I have never been skydiving, it's an interesting topic that involves loads of physics! The most obvious component of physics here is the force of gravity. Without gravity, a skydiver would simply float upward instead of being pulled toward earth's center. As a person free falls, they accelerate due to gravity at a rate of 9.81 m/s^2. There is also the force of air resistance that counters gravity. Air resistance can also be considered a force of friction because it counters and slows down another force (just not traditional friction for there is
  12. After being told that "physics is everything", it becomes easy to see how that is really true in our everyday lives especially regarding sports. One sports that has loads of physics and its fundamentals is volleyball. One of the main components a player needs to achieve is jumping. Whether its a jumpserve, a jumpset, or jumping to spike the ball, getting a high verticle for all of those is essential. The physics plays a role here in that the players have to "beat" gravity, since they are moving against it (gravity pulls us down toward the center of the earth, while we are trying to jump up). W
  13. I recently got my first job working in a pizzeria and I couldn't help but find myself pondering (not really) all the possible physics involved with such a place. For example, as the pizza goes through the oven, heat is used to cook the pizza. There is a transfer of heat from what heats the oven to the pizza. Then as the customer eats the pizza, there is another transfer of energy as it is eventually used as energy to allow the consumer to do work. All of this holds to the concept of conservation of energy. We can also see physics in the different amounts of work done in order to do the job. C
  14. It is commonly thought that the only physics that is found in instruments is the vibration that produces the sound. And even though this is very important, for there would be no sound without that, there is more physics involved in instruments that allow us to produce sound effectively; in tune. When you tune an instrument, you are adjusting the instruments pitch so that it forms a pleasing arrangement/sound that corresponds to other instruments, or the music you are playing. The physics here is exactly what pitch is: the fundamental frequency of sound. So the vibrations produce the soundwaves
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