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marshmellow basket ball



In Italian today a handful of people brought in food -- because its Friday -- and signora brought in some hot chocolate. along with this beautiful drink we call hot cocoa she brought mini marshmallows. And so while I sat back in my chair like a mob boss in a 1980s mafia film, I though to my self I bet I could make it land a marshmallow in my hot cocoa "from downtown". After a couple attempts I realized with a couple givens I have the potential to calculate every aspect about my marshmallow. Using its weight and estimated velocity I would be able to calculate its kinetic energy. I could also find out how high it was through at the exact distance the cup was from my hand without measuring it. using this information I will be able to prove to the Olympic facilitating committee I am capable of becoming a professional marshmallower which for those of you who don't know being a professional marshmallower is my dream.


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