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Physics of car accidents



I remember Mr. Fullerton saying a while ago said that using physics, investigators could figure out what went on in a car accident. I became curious as to how they did this. I found this youtube video that taught me a lot about it. The first part is inertia, and that the human body is going the same speed as the car, but when the car quickly stops, the body wants to continue at that speed. The steering wheel or wind shield will apply a force on the body to stop it. Also, extending the time of deceleration using airbags or having the front of the car crunch, will reduce the impact (Newtons Second Law: F=ma). There is a separate tip of metal in the front of the vehicle that will crush easier so that the damage is confined to the front end. Without the "crumple zone" the passengers are in much more danger. "You can't argue with the laws of physics" -Griff Jones

Understanding Car Crashes: It's Basic Physic


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