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Batman Physics



I'm kinda a fan of super heroes, and one of my favorites is Batman. Not only is he an amazing detective, but he's the only powerless hero tough enough to be a founding member of the justice league, the most powerful collection of heroes in the DC universe. One of the things that makes him so great is his wide array of villains. There's one villain in particular who seems to defy the laws of physics, without having any real powers of his own. I'm talking about the immortal Ra's al Ghul. I say powerless in the sense that, besides his access to the Lazarus pit, he should not have any inhuman abilities. I say should because even with this, he still manages to perform some outrageous feats. One of which was displayed in the movie "The Son of Batman" where he had only his sword against an entire squadron of armed gunmen. This battle should easily go to the group of people with guns, but Ra's manages to actually deflect the bullets with his sword. A bullet travels at over 1000 meters per second, meaning that he would have to react within one ten thousandth of a second in order to move his sword fast enough to actually deflect the bullet.


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