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Riding the Waves



Once when we lived in my old house, we had this nifty little blow-up pool. Basically, you inflate the top of the pool and fill it up so the air lifts up the sides of the pool. My mother always told me to stay away from the sides of the pool, but of course that’s exactly what I didn’t do. One summer me and some friends were all swimming in the pool together and I had the ingenious idea to lift myself up using the side of the pool. This wound up being a very bad idea. You see, as the side went down, some of the water started leaking over the side. This added more weight onto the side pushing it down even more, allowing more water to escape. This vicious cycle did have an end however, though not before traumatizing a poor, unsuspecting child. The force of all that water pouring out was so great, that it literally swept me off of my feet and dragged me down halfway across our backyard, finally stopping at some pine trees growing against our back fence. Although in small quantities water is relatively harmless, we must remember that combined, all that little force begins to add up, creating a tidal wave of destruction


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