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PaVG #4: Portal



Today I want to talk about Portal's Long Fall Boots. In the game, these boots are a way around the concept of "fall damage". This is necessary due to the amount of falling done in the game, allowing you to reach terminal velocity when falling through two portals and launching yourself across a room. Realistically, the force of gravity would accelerating you to terminal velocity, and would crush your body. The Long Fall Boots completely negate this, allowing you to fall from impossible heights, decelerating you when you hit the ground leaving you completely safe. This is nearly impossible, but necessary for the game to maintain fun gameplay. Dying every time you fall wouldn't make for a fun game.



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13 minutes ago, prettybird said:

It's funny how most of the blogs you post prove than video games are completely unrealistic. Great job!

Thanks! Some games try to find ways around the physics, only stay true to certain aspects, or completely ignore them. It's an interesting thing to see developers do!

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