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The Physics of stealing a cat



So a couple years ago a good friend of mine got his cat stolen! While I'm not very fond of cats at all, i felt very bad for my friend because he loved his cat. Looking back at it now i wonder the amount of work put in to steal a cat. The average cat weights about 4.04 kg, or 8.9 lbs for us Americans. So lets say the catnapper was a master of stealth and snuck up on our feline friend, they would have had to grab the cat and pull it quickly of the ground. The average height of a person in North America is about 1.69 m so they would have to pull the cat to lets say chest level which would be around 1.48 m. To pull the cat off the ground to chest height it would be about 59.8 joules of work, id say that's just too much work for a cat, just go buy a dog. 

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