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The Snatch



The snatch is a very complicated Olympic weightlifting movement. The movement is very difficult and often takes months of training to master it. To perform a snatch the lifter must squat down, grab the barbell with a wide grip using the hook grip. The hook grip is the best way to grip the bar. After the Lifter has gripped the bar, they then keep their head and chest held high while down in the squat position. When the lifter is ready they then pull the bar up along their body, once it reaches hip level, the lifter pops the bar off their hips with tremendous force sending the bar up past your head. Immediately after popping the bar of their hip the lifter drops below the bar into a squat position and catches the bar over head. Once the bar is caught and the lifter feels balanced, they must stand up with the bar over head, arms locked out, and knees straight. Once the lifter does this the lift is complete. The snatch requires a lot of power and explosiveness. The initial pull of the bar off the ground can be considered the most important part of the movement. If the pull is too fast, the bar will go to far over your head and you will more than likely loose balance and fail the lift. If the pull is not fast enough, the bar will not go high enough and the bar may very well fall on your head, OUCH!!!! Along with the bar speed, the speed at which you drop under the bar is very important. When you watch Olympic athletes snatch, you will see them snap under the bar with tremendous speed and bring the bar to a halt very quickly. The snatch is all about speed and explosiveness, with the proper technique and training anyone can become a master of the snatch. 



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