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So with the hockey season starting today I thought that i would do a blog about hockey. Thinking about skating in hockey and why you need to get your skates sharpened, this is to allow for there to be enough friction to propel you forward. This is just like running were you need friction between the ground and your feet to be able to drive forward by pushing back. The only difference is that in hockey you need the skates sharp to cut into the ice in order to drive yourself forward. This is showing Newtons law where if there is a force in one direction there must be one in the equal and opposite direction. Being able to gain traction is hockey is key to being able to be fast that's why you angle your blades on the ice instead of straight on as you can see in the video below. You can also see how the players you there sticks to go into the turn to help get around the turn more compact instead of having it out wide which would slow you down. 



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