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Wringing out water on ISS



So as we all know there is no gravity in space so, what would happen when you want to wring out a wet towel there? I fond this question very interesting when talking with friends so I thought I would take a deeper look into it. When you have a very wet towel and go to wring it out, the water is not just going to fall off like it does on earth. Instead because of the  waters surface tension and lack of gravity in space, the water will float around the surface of the towel  forming a tube shape around it. The water will stay like this until further actions are taken. I found this very interesting because you don't think of gravity effecting such small actions like wringing out a wet object until it is no longer present. After looking at this it would be cool to see how they get the water out of something super wet in space since you cannot just wring it out. The video below shows what happens when you try to wring out a towel in space. 



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