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So on the back of super cars you often find a spoiler. As a kid I always thought that a spoiler was just to make the car look cool but in fact it does serve many purposes depending on the positioning and type of spoiler used. One use of a spoiler is to push the air around behind the car as the car pushes through the air this reduces the drag force on the car. This application of the spoiler can improve gas mileage. Another reason why spoilers are seen on super cars is because when traveling a very high rates of speed it is often very difficult to control the car. By adding the right type of spoiler it can use the air that you are traveling through to push the back end of the car down, creating more downward pressure, this is know as counter lifting. This gives the car more grip that allows the car to have more power and control thus increasing performance. The car below is the mclaren p1, this is a car that makes use of a spoiler in order to keep it on the track and increase performance.  

Image result for mclaren p1


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