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Hello to everyone who will ever read this! I hope you enjoy!

For as long as I can remember, I have had a love for crafts and yarn. I love crocheting and creating blankets for family members and people in need. I am not sure if there is such a thing as a professional crocheter (I don't think that's even a word) but I would totally become one. Maybe I can do that when I retire or something when I get older. Because I am super busy most of the year, I sadly do not get very much time to enjoy crocheting. School obviously takes up a ton of time (as with most students) along with field hockey in the fall, bowling in the winter and work all year round. In the future that is quickly approaching, I want to go into college for engineering and also accounting although I have not a single clue what I could possibly do with both interest together since they are extremely different. Anyways, the reason that I am continuing with physics this year is because of my interest in engineering. I really struggled with trying to grasp onto concepts last year so I hope that I will be able to understand a decent amount of them from the basics that I somewhat understood last year. I have heard that this physics class is extremely difficult and has a ton of work with it which terrifies me, yet at the same time excites me. I love the satisfaction of solving a problem but at the same time I absolutely despise the frustration of getting stuck on something that I can't solve. Although physics will not be a breeze for me this year (or any year to be honest), I hope it will teach me lessons that will last a lifetime and beyond.

Until next time,




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Welcome to APC!  Thrilled to have you here.  Yes, APC is challenging, there's no doubt about it, but much of that 'pain' is offset by the extreme level of independence you're afforded in the class.  You're given a roadmap for each unit, a due date, and resources to work toward that goal.  How you get there is up to you.  Like working in groups?  Do it!  Like working independently?  Do it!  Want to take a weekend and just plow through tons of stuff?  Fine...  Prefer to space things out evenly?  It's up to you.  It is a lot of work, but I've found that when I know what my ultimate goal is and can see how the work I'm doing pushes me toward it, I feel much more willing to dive in and tackle what needs to be done.  Hoping you feel the same at the end of the year!

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