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Physics in English



On Friday, we had a little discussion in English regarding terminal velocity.  Thank goodness honestly, otherwise I probably would have fallen asleep.  That's what happens when you put a bunch of physics students together in an English class.  We will take over.  Anyway, it began by talking about the terminal velocity of cats and how they can survive very high jumps.  We then had to explain this concept of terminal velocity to our English teacher.  We told him that eventually, due to air resistance, an object will stop accelerating and will continue to fall at a constant velocity.  We also explained to him that the terminal velocity of a human is much greater than that of a cat, which is why we don't survive long falls when they do.  This led him to think about the show he's currently directing, The Triangle Factory Fire Project (inserts self promotion where I tell you that I am in the show and you all should come see it!).  He said, "oh yes, like in the play, and the actual event, all those girls jumped from the eighth and ninth floors and not one of them survived".  Sorry for making this so sad.  Though he was on the right track with his thinking, they would not yet have reached terminal velocity from that height,  but it would have only been worse if they did.  However, the point of this was not to make everyone sad by reminding them of this tragedy, but to show you how we can even talk about physics in English and tie it into theater and history.  And of course it was also to give our show a little shout out! ;)


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