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The Flat-Earth Theory



"Everybody your entire life has been lying to you: Your parents, your friends, your teachers, and your coworkers.

It's time to know the truth: The Earth is actually flat. It has been this whole time, and the government has been lying to you.

So why has nobody fallen off of the edge? Well the edge of the Earth is very cold, so all of the water is frozen. We call this Antarctica, and it's so cold that modern technology doesn't work there, so we can't explore it.

Every single picture and video of the Earth taken from space is fabricated because the government wants you to think that it's round. Even NASA's 24/7 livestream from the International Space Station is fake.

Finally, a long time ago, people thought that ships were sailing off the edge of the Earth when they went too far away. But when technology improved and they stopped sinking, the ships came back, so people thought that the Earth was round because they were just going over the horizon. But in reality, if you zoom in really far, you can still see the ship, they're just really far away."

That wasn't an actual quote, but just some random crap I've heard from Flat-Earthers. Theories like this can be quite entertaining, even though at the same time, they kill my faith in humanity and give me brain cancer, kind of like the whole Tide Pod thing that was going on. Maybe society's messed up, or maybe I'm just a horrible person, but honestly, chances are, it's both.

I'm not even going to debunk flat-earth theories because you're on a physics website, so if you believe any of them, you shouldn't be here anyways.


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